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KALDHEIM – Magic the Gathering’s newest release

Friday, February 5, 2021, was the official release date for the latest Magic the Gathering’s set; Kaldheim! This Viking lore inspired set has amazing art and cards that seem too strong to be played in any game. If you’re like me and you love everything Celtic, then this set will definitely call to you.

My goal for this weekend was to open 120 packs quickly on video so I could report on the findings, but I finally decided to slow down to be able to actually enjoy the cards and put a little bit of order into them. Opening on video also means that I’m the only one opening the packs and I really wanted to this with my wife. So, I ended up opening 2 Bundle boxes (10 booster packs each – 1 on video, link below) and 1 Set Booster box (30 packs) for a total of 50 packs. This gave us the time to go through the cards one by one and that’s when I realized how nice the set is. When I opened the 3 Pre-release packs on video last week and commented in the blog how disappointed I had been, that was purely based on the financial value of the cards. I had not taken the time to really look at the art, the mechanics and the synergy.

If you haven’t opened these packs and you have a preference for either collecting or to draft with friends, you should know that the packs in the Bundle boxes are Draft Booster packs which are meant to be opened with friends to engage in a quick game of 40 cards decks (just like the Pre-release packs) while the Set Booster packs are geared towards collectors who prefer getting some special cards in every pack – each pack is guaranteed to have one art, one foil and one Rare or Mythic Rare card. I definitely prefer Set Booster packs, but also love the bundles for the extra they give you like the oversized spindown life counter (the best I’ve seen so far), a foil promo card and some foil basic land cards.

I’ll open the remaining two Set Booster boxes on video in one take. That’s 60 packs! My daughter will help me open the packs so I don’t waste time with that and I’ll concentrate on the art, foil and Rare/Mythic Rare cards to keep the video as “brief” as possible.

Next week, is a surprise… even for me 😊. There’s so much happening right now and I was hoping this week would be the final say on Kaldheim after opening all the packs, but that didn’t happen so, we’ll see.

This week on The Geek Family YouTube channel we shared the MTG Kaldheim Bundle Box booster pack opening video and another short video I shot after catching Pokemons in -24 C weather.

The Geek Family channel:

Posted videos:

MTG Kaldheim Bundle Box Opening
Pokemon Go in -24 C Weather


The Geek Family


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